Inspiration #20 - Outside Your Front Door

Thanks Joanna for contributing this week!  Here you have our round 20, "Outside Your Front Door".  As always, should you like to know more about an entry or artist just click on the Artist's Page link.  Thanks for visiting!

"May, Outside My Door"
"There's a whole world waiting there to be seen you just have to get off your bum!"


The next theme, due on the 5th is "The Front Page of the News".  Hope to see you then! And if you would like to contribute, please do!


Anika said...

I love your entry Joanna! I love to see the similarities and differences outside YOUR front door to mine...interesting! And it's so true-lots to see and experience right outside our doorsteps. Glad you joined me for round 20!!

R Montalban said...

Anika, it is always a pleasure to join in these prompts and there is such a lot to see outside all our doors if we just take the time to look. We must speak over skype soon xo