Round 11 Submissions

I don't know if it was the holiday season, my error in deadline information, or if this was just a big stumper but we lost a couple of regulars this round.  However, it was a great turn-out for diversity!   I think this might be the most personal I have seen the results.  In each case, I had to read the reasoning behind each creation to understand how it was inspired by the video and what made each person create what they did; I love that.  I also love the inspiration for this round.  Thanks again to Ego for supplying the first video inspirationVisit Ego's page to see other submissions and also find links to her other projects, they don't disappoint.  Now, on to round 11!  As usual you can find out more about a particular entry or artist by visiting their artist page.  Thanks for visiting the ACoLab.  If you would like to participate please do.  The next round of inspirations and deadlines will be up by the first of the year.  Hope to see you then!

"Life Is One Big Intertwining Movie"
photos,video, and story

"ACoLab #11"
A song
by Doug
(To play the song just click the "Play"triangle on left that the arrows are pointing to)
Acolab 11 121910.m...

A photo

"Balloons Make Her Crazy"
a photo flip book and a video version of the flip book

"Come Get the Treat"
a video
by Ego

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1 comment:

Anika said...

Really enjoyed these!

Joanna- the video on your blog is so so sweet...such a nice, personal moment you shared.

Stephanie- I really love that photo. All your edits really added to the image-love that lens flare

Doug- I agree with Stephanie that there could be something eerie about the video...your song really made it cheer up!

Ego- Love that video. It's so happily demented! Genius!!