Inspiration #34 Family

When I came up with the Inspiration, Family, so many months ago the theme seemed like it would be a perfect one for the season.  But, after talking with a few people, it actually seems like one of the more difficult inspirations we have had.  At first I was surprised by that but after thinking about the theme and creating my piece I totally see what people were meaning.  Family is just such a complex topic and so very personal that it's hard to come up with an image, song, or any creation that isn't honest, from the heart, and sometimes, frankly, just painful.  Plus, I hadn't thought about how powerful the holiday season is because of the theme of family.  Duh, right?   So, perhaps this may be one reason why it was just me and Joanna for round #34!  Without further ado, enjoy - Family.

"He Would Love to Help Her Build A Castle"

A very big thank you to Joanna for your submission!  You spared me from my first solo post...something I am and always have been prepared and comfortable to do but am happy to never do.  The inspiration and comparison between submissions propel me forward with the ACoLab so thanks ;)  Since it was just the two of us I feel a bit more comfy rambling too!  Joanna was so inspired by this round's theme that it spawned an entire new project and series of images.  (Be sure to check it out!)  This made my whole day seeing as the entire basis for this project is to inspire and to act as a catalyst for creations that may not have come to fruition without the ACoLab.  Funny but I also started a new series of images based on this inspiration.   (The above is one example.)


I am in the process of moving now and I know everyone is a bit too busy to play for a bit so I am going to take a little holiday from the ACoLab.  Let's join back here after the new year to see the new themes, be inspired, and start creating again.  So rather than have an inspiration due on the 5th, that's when I will aim to post all of the new themes for 2012.  The first due date will be the 20th.  (Although you can always participate at any time with any of the permanent inspirations or extra inspirations.)  I really want to thank everyone who contributed, commented, and visited the ACoLab this year- you make this place what it is and I really do appreciate that.  I hope you are in for more of the same and some new changes in the new year!  If you would like to be added to the mailing list (basically bi-monthly reminders for the prompts) please just let me know and I will add your email address to the list.  A very merry holiday season no matter what you are celebrating and the very best in the new year!


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