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Sara's blog is an amazing place to see a wide variety of destinations, flowers, and other pretty photographs.  Here is what Sara had to say upon joining the Lab:  I normally photograph flowers at the peak of perfection and scenery that I hope reflects how I feel in my blog. I look to this site as a source of inspiration in expanding my artistic view.  Have a look at Sara's work for the ACoLab below and be sure to check out her blog, Sara's Fave Photos!

Listings are in order of the most recent submission to the oldest.

Theme ten inspiration:  Dreamland
"Guild Awards Dinner" 
A friend showed me a new photo technique that looks so dreamlike to me.

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Anika said...

Isn't photography just amazing?! It's so cool how we can adapt reality with a little twist on this button and a little adapting of that button. It's a lot of fun just like your image!