Artist Page - Sara

Sara's blog is an amazing place to see a wide variety of destinations, flowers, and other pretty photographs.  Here is what Sara had to say upon joining the Lab:  I normally photograph flowers at the peak of perfection and scenery that I hope reflects how I feel in my blog. I look to this site as a source of inspiration in expanding my artistic view.  Have a look at Sara's work for the ACoLab below and be sure to check out her blog, Sara's Fave Photos!

Listings are in order of the most recent submission to the oldest.

Theme ten inspiration:  Dreamland
"Guild Awards Dinner" 
A friend showed me a new photo technique that looks so dreamlike to me.

Next inspiration - Number 11

As promised, the inspiration for the eleventh round is a video.  I have decided to give a bit more time for this one because, well, to be honest, I think it's kind of challenging.  So let me just say for everyone that may be new to the Lab and has been thinking about joining in or for those of you who think it's too hard- don't let the challenge get in the way of creating something for this inspiration.  It's open to anything your imagination can come up with- a story, an image, a song, another video, an outfit...whatever this makes you think of!  As long as your creation makes sense to you then it's a winner of an idea, submit it!

I also want to say a big THANK YOU to Ego for coming up with this inspiration.  She makes fabulously inventive and entertaining short films and also makes equally as imaginative visual creations for her band The White Hills.  Take a moment to visit her You Tube page and you will be happy you did.  So, here we have the next inspiration...I love this and am clueless still as to what I am going to come up with!  The deadline will be December 19th.  I will post some future inspirations soon in case you breeze through this one.

Happy Creating and hope to see what your imagination comes up with!

Theme 9 Submissions

Hi everyone!
This round's theme is "Out of My Element".  This theme really showed how we all think completely different things based of the same inspiration.  I can honestly say that none of these ideas came to mind when I thought of the inspiration and when I was thinking of what to make and yet they all make sense.  So here you have the entries for theme number nine in order of submission, enjoy!

For further information about each entry or to find out more about an artist just click on their name to see their artist page.  You can also click on an artist's name located on the left sidebar.  You will be able to see all of their previous submissions there as well.

"Out of My Element"
Photos and story (See artist page for complete entry)

"Out of My Element"
Photograph (See artist page for complete entry)

(Please see artist page for more information)
by Doug
Copernicium 101710...

"Out of My Element?"
Two Videos & Story
(Please see artist page for the complete entry)

 "Day in the Life"
Photo Collage & Story (For complete entry visit her artist's page)
by Stephanie

Creating Out of My Element
Glass etching (See artist page for complete entry)

And there you have it, round nine!  Thanks to all who submitted.  I thought this was a great round full of diversity and personality...I got to know you all just a little bit better!   I hope to see you back for the tenth round when the theme will be "Dreamland".  The deadline is November 21st.  If you have thought about joining in the fun let this tenth round be it!  Look forward to seeing what your imaginations come up with!
Happy Creating,

Just waiting for google...

I have exceeded my photo limit on Google and am just waiting for the upgrade to take so that I can publish the latest round of ACoLab.  It was a very diverse round and I am excited to show you the collection!  Be in touch soon!