Inspiration #32 - Going with the Flow

Thanks to John and Teagan for sharing their inspired creations!  I know this was kind of a tricky theme but you two made it look effortless, fun, and entirely beautiful.  The next inspiration is due on the 5th of December {unless you want to hop right in with one of these or these} and is open to anyone who would like to participate.  The theme for round #33 is FOUND.

Have a great holiday for those of you celebrating this week and thanks for visiting the ACoLab!

"Breathe Like the Ocean"

Song by John
{Click the title to listen to the song, click here to read the lyrics.  It's beautiful; take a listen.}

"It's What They Do"

Hope to see you back here on the 5th!

Deadline Extension - Going with the Flow

In keeping with the prompt for round #32, the deadline for "Going With the Flow" is extended out to the 22nd of November.  Hope it inspires you to create something!  If you would like to join in, please do

New Artist and New Joy

A huge welcome to the newest member of the ACoLab, Lisa!  If you are unfamiliar with Lisa I encourage you to check out her page and also her blog; you will be happy you did!  Thanks Lisa for contributing this photograph to the Permanent Inspiration, Joy.  So happy to have you aboard!
"Angel's Parasol"

If you would like to add your own interpretation for the theme of Joy please do!  There are also two inspirations a month to inspire should you like to join in for those.  Thanks for visiting the Lab!

Artist Page - Lisa

My name is Lisa Gordon and I am a hobbyist photographer living in the United States.  Aside from my family, a camera is my very best friend.  I have been interested in photography ever since my Dad allowed me to use his old Polaroid and Brownie cameras to take photographs.  I put this interest aside for several years as life “happened,” but over the past several years have begun to devote time to it once again.  A lot of time!

My interests range from Polaroid to digital, to alternative photography processes, such as lumen prints.  I am not only interested in the photograph itself, but also in the technical aspects used to make the photograph.  I am definitely not a purist when it comes to editing, as I enjoy this process almost as much as I enjoy getting the photograph.

Most of my work is digital and nature-based, with a special love for macro flower photography.  I also enjoy photographing weathered buildings, covered bridges, and when I am very lucky, street scenes.  When not at my day job as a university instructor, I can usually be found behind my camera, or behind my computer.

Please visit Lisa's beautiful blog and join in her project, The Creative Exchange. 

Submission for #31 {Light and Shadows}
"Light and Shadow"
{You can see this image, as well as another from this series, here.}

Submission for the Permanent Inspiration, Joy
"Angel's Parasol"

Inspiration #31 - Light and Shadows

Whew!  Sorry it took me a bit to get this post up!  I planned on posting everything yesterday but then lost all Internet.  The idea of writing a post from my phone still seems a bit too hardcore for me.  But here we have it- round #31.  Thanks again to Ana for submitting this round's inspiration of "Light and Shadows".  As always, just click on an artist's name or visit their artist page to learn more about their submission or to see more from that artist.

"Day into Night"
Photograph by Anika

Photograph by John R.

by Ana

"Light and Shadow"
Photographs and words by Joanna

Smile and the world will smile back.
I love how light and shadow dance with one another.

"Light and Shadow"
Photograph by Lisa

Thanks for visiting the ACoLab.  If you would like to join in the fun, please do!  Round #32, "Going with the Flow", seems like it will be a challenge.  But I find that some of the best creations happen with prompts like this; the ones that leave me clueless until inspiration finally shows itself.  I look forward to seeing what you come up with and hope to see you back here on the 20th for that.  If you don't want to wait you can submit to a Permanent Inspiration at any time and there are also monthly inspirations that can be submitted any time during a month.  Happy creating!